Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bruno Mars Fanmail

Hi Bruno Mars & crew,
We the fans love the music that u do,
The other artists aint got "Nothing on u,"
Coz you're a star,
& We love u "Just the way u are,"
I just love when u strum your guitar,
Your "Lazy Song" inspires me in so many ways,
That's what I feel like doing on most days,
& It's a pity we live so far apart,
Coz u bring happiness to my heart,
& I don't care that you're a "Billionaire,"
I just love hearing your songs on the air,
I love your style & your hair,
Damn I wish I was over there,
But wishes can come true,
Coz I'd catch a "Grenade" for u,
Coz that's how much u mean to me,
But I know you're not single & free,
So I'll accept the fact we can never be,
So carry on doing what u do,
I really hope u like the poem I wrote for u,
From me Nicky Da Poet Bailey,
The one who loves writing poetry,
All the way from Cape Town,
ps. The South Africans also love your sound,
So when are u coming down?

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